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Updated: Jan 24, 2023


An opportunity for women to rewrite the script for harmony with men

Dr Crawford shines the light on why WOMEN of SUBSTANCE, are the Future for Humanity on numerous levels, and how it is your lead that will take us to a better more valuable inclusive future with MEN. You lead the way!

To expedite the journey, and make sure we ride the next wave of change, she introduces you to the art of MAGICAL CONVERSATIONS using a unique navigation tool – Gender Dynamics Intelligence (GDI©) - to inspire women to step up to the next stage of the evolving global marketplace. You now can play a different leading role to the past norm – and manage an increasingly complex drama with grace and ease as women empower men to transform the stage of business.

Having studied people, communication, and workplace cultures for over 30 years, Dr Crawford realized the issue is not merely the players but the stage upon which they appear and the script they co-create. This, then, will not be an exercise in trying to mend and/or repair things that may have worked up until last year. The expression “Don’t fix what ain’t broke,” no longer applies. To the contrary: Business as Usual is no longer an avenue forward because the concept is irretrievably broken hence is no longer applicable. As Albert Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Her passion is that women and men get past the battle for equality and embrace a narrative for harmony, valuing each other’s natural talents. Today she shares her own journey to shine light on the potential women hold in their hands.

Dr Pauline Crawford

Her approach has evolved from Dr Crawford’s life experiences, and provides archetypes, locations, guidelines, suggestions, and opportunities for you to be YOU on an inclusive map of co-existence. This map encompasses the circle of life within which everyone lives, loves, and works. Her vision behind this is to set in place a unique format to inform, define, and enlighten our higher consciousness about the diverse varieties of males and females across the world; her mission is to enable everyone to seek “value creation” between all players, all behavioral types, all identity preferences, all ages, colors, cultures, and philosophies to create an authentic and inclusive human power source for harmony for humanity.

Using four key archetypes on the GDI © map (illustrated here), Dr Crawford (here you see her Magician nature) opens our eyes to Magical Conversations that allows co-creation to thrive, opinions shared without anger, and experiences valued … and new ideas evolve in a safe space where there is no judgement permitted and listening is encouraged and deepened. This is an approach that favors a mind flow, a female flexibility, and a true balance of feminine and masculine energy. Women can take the lead… on a new conversational relationship driven landscape . honoring and retaining the best from the past yet driving a new agenda that embraces all through a female life journey lens.

Why has this not happened before now? Why is there not full equality when 50 % of the world is female?

Maybe because we were getting ready for the shift to occur?. There is a universal unwritten Law of Perfect Readiness and another Law of Un-intended Consequences - and the pandemic shake up of our lives now gives us this combination opportunity. Let's explore more....


“It’s important to recognize that real life occurs outside of business (especially for women) and my lessons started in my child stage; I learned about adults, in a stable English suburban London environment, where I was always embraced by love and larger family gatherings, tea parties and picnics! (spot me on the front row right with fringe!!)

I noticed the flow of energy in conversations often faltered when opinionated relatives took center stage. My parents, however, were always inclusive in their conversations and encouraged equality for my two brothers, my sister and I to participate with confidence dance or sing or create shows; to demonstrate our cute talents to those same relatives. In those instances, each invited to play roles, we learned to respect our differences and always seek harmony. I knew when I felt good about my performance even when feeling less than adequate as a girl to my sister as I was not as elegant as she. My life was full of harmonious moments, yet individually I felt bewildered with the femininity I was supposed to embrace!

By the time I was on the teenager stage, I struggled with being at ease as a girl and realized, through observation, that I was different to the girly girls that seemed to be in the clear majority. I was (in that 60’s era) known as a “tomboy.” I was OK with this as I was more at ease with my brothers and felt clumsy and awkward regarding the possibility of dating. I played the fool to hide my true self. More left brained minded and angular bone structure, a mathematics/art scholar, I used logic more than feelings. I didn’t have the natural curves I thought I should have as a pretty girl, nor did I like to wear dresses. However, I was happy to be me.”

By early 20's I was into the full jeans revolution and that became my dress code. Even with long hair, and my soon to be first husband in my life, I loved to be 'action woman'!!

Hindsight is wonderful, and it now seems obvious to me, as I have studied women’s empowerment over the last 6 decades, that for women to move forward, we must limit the time we spend looking back over our shoulder. That would include taking the complexity of the female resource for granted. The female perspective, if we are to create and build a worthwhile and inclusive future worth having, is not only needed, is also an imperative. History illustrates repeatedly what female leaders can and have created working harmoniously with wise men is to seed the core human values of love, respect, and trust.

My awareness of the inequality that existed between genders (focused on men and women in generic terms) didn’t take shape until, at age 15 I asked my father why he paid a lot of money (that he and my mother could ill afford) to send my brothers to boarding school, while my sister and I attended the free education available locally. His very matter-of-face reply was “You will grow up and marry and have babies and be provided for by a man!” My father was adorable. He was kind, fair and a gentleman and always respected women. That said, he was of a past tradition-based-culture (born 1912) where the equality for a woman to forge their own way was not in his primary experience.

As I grew to understand outmoded views in a changing world, I saw too the nature of human differences between men and women change. I found myself studying people more closely and working out how the different characters dealt with day-to-day situations.

Since my father’s WW2 era, women have improved their status and equality especially in the workplace and in leadership roles - however not at a pace that is totally satisfying. Multiple aspects of women’s lives have changed too over the last century, and every breakthrough celebrated.

Our business world has been, and still is, controlled, primarily, by men and for more than the last few centuries.

The power structure of today’s commercial reality illustrates that fact quite clearly as to the slow progress of women to leadership roles.

Men do not need equality with women in the workplace to survive. Women desire it and know it adds excellent value. It is evident in professional-research data that proves women are better than men on most management skills, yet women still do not have easy access to top corporate arenas.

Can we speak to the notion that women are equal and different as a new equation and seek an equity stake rather than equality?


The stage of business has now changed in its profound nature over the last two pandemic years which, as you know, has seen global developments come to an abrupt halt.

Fundamentally women hold the key to ending the struggle that leads inevitably from equality to anonymity and the danger is that if we continue to fight to change a male designed business world by entering the lion’s den, we continue the attack rather than give an invitation to a new stage. The battle alone has the potential to minimize our individual talents as women in a world that so desperately needs us to nurture it back to health.


Coming up in the next article in this series, we start to explore the dream and destiny women desire if they are given the opportunity to rewrite the script... we take a closer look at the archetypes and discuss what are the current confusions that hinder women in today's world...

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