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HARMONY versus EQUALITY - Can an authentic female narrative lead to a new game for business?

HARMONY versus EQUALITY - can an authentic female narrative lead to a new game for business


An opportunity for women to rewrite the script for harmony with men




It's time to SHINE the light on why YOU, as an INTERNATIONAL WOMAN, are the Future for Humanity on numerous levels, and how it is your lead that will take us to a better more valuable inclusive future with men. You lead the way!

To expedite the journey, and make sure we ride the next wave of change, I share the art of Magical Conversations using a unique navigation tool – Gender Dynamics Intelligence (GDI©) - to inspire women to step up to the next stage of the evolving global marketplace. You now can play a different leading role to the past norm – and manage an increasingly complex drama with grace and ease as we empower men to transform the stage of business.

Dr Pauline Crawford

Having studied people, communication, and workplace cultures for over 30 years and across 3 continents, I have come to the conclusion that the issue is not merely the players but the stage upon which they appear and the script they co-create. This, then, will not be an exercise in trying to mend and/or repair things that may have worked up until last year. As Albert Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” My passion is that women and men get past the battle for equality and embrace a narrative for harmony, valuing each other’s natural talents. Today I draw on her own journey to shine light on the potential women hold in their hands. “Hold on to the best from the past, but always flow into the future through present moments”

My approach has evolved from a wide range of my own life experiences, and I designed a map and archetypes, locations, guidelines, suggestions, and opportunities for you to be YOU to live and succeed on an inclusive map of co-existence. This map encompasses the circle of life within which everyone lives, loves, and works.

My vision behind this is to set in place a unique format to inform, define, and enlighten our higher consciousness about the diverse varieties of males and females across the world; my mission is to enable everyone to seek “value creation” between all players, all behavioral types, all identity preferences, all ages, colors, cultures, and philosophies to create an authentic and inclusive human power source for harmony for humanity.

Using four key archetypes on the GDI © map, I discovered communication patterns that opened up the dialogue about difficulties and differences - so using Magical Conversations I encourage YOU to co-create with other women and men to thrive, to share opinions without anger, and to experience your natural value… and so expand new ideas in a safe space where there is no judgement permitted and listening is encouraged and deepened. (This is a magical conversation!)

Here's a real life outcome of one of such a conversation with women which had when I hosted regular Magical Conversations Circle in Malaysia during 2015... in this safe space, women of different backgrounds explored many issues that are still here today to be resolved.

This Magical Conversation approach to creative awareness favors a mind flow rather than mindset. It is a female flexibility, friendly and focused on a true balance of feminine and masculine energy. Women take the lead… on a new conversational landscape. Let me share more...

Now in my 73rd year I recognize that real life occurs outside of business and my lessons started in my child stage; followed by different stages: teen years, early career, motherhood, professional life, divorce, entrepreneur …and now an adventurer and visionary with her soulmate and her tribe of wise men and women.

Here I am with my second husband, Jim, who I married in 2012 and travelled to live in UK 1 year, Malaysia for 4 years, and now USA for 5 years

Each STAGE has several ACTS and each a lesson to learn. As the world has evolved, so have I. This journey has shown me that women are ready to lead a new narrative that gives them real synergy and authentic harmony with men in the business world and to influence humanity for the good of all. I will share each lesson to expand your success too.

I believe we are all like lighthouses shining our natural gifts to ensure safe passage across stormy seas. Is it time in this pandemic changed world for WOMEN to shine together with more harmony so that MEN see our light?


Over this last 100 years women have improved their status and equality especially in the workplace and in leadership roles - however not at a pace that is totally satisfying. Multiple aspects of women’s lives have changed too over the last century, and every breakthrough celebrated. At the turn of the century, we all watched our fast-moving evolutionary world change – internet, social media, mobile technology – and at last equity for women, their empowerment in the business world, entrepreneurship and so much more.

With my team at Corporate Heart International, we have studied and worked with women’s empowerment over the last 4 decades that always includes men. We realized that for women to move forward, women must limit the time they spend looking back over their shoulder. That would include taking the complexity of the female resource for granted. The female perspective, if we are to create and build a worthwhile and inclusive future worth having, is not only needed, is also an imperative. History illustrates repeatedly what female leaders can and have created working harmoniously with wise men is to seed the core human values of love, respect, and trust.

Our business world has been, and still is, controlled, primarily, by men and for more than the last few centuries. The power structure of today’s commercial reality illustrates that fact quite clearly as to the slow progress of women to leadership roles.

Men do not need equality with women in the workplace to survive.

Women desire it and know they add excellent value yet are often not heard.

It is evident in professional-research data that proves women are better than men on most management skills, yet women still do not have easy access to top corporate arenas. Can we speak to the notion that women are equal and different as a new equation and seek an equity stake rather than equality?

The stage of business has now changed in its profound nature over the last two pandemic years.

Fundamentally women hold the key to ending the struggle that leads inevitably from equality to anonymity and the danger is that if we continue to fight to change a male designed business world by entering the lion’s den, we continue the attack rather than give an invitation to a new stage. The battle alone has the potential to minimize our individual talents as women in a world that so desperately needs us to nurture it back to health. The value creation process starts and finishes with is a cycle of your intention to be YOU.

With decades of new experiences for all of us, I see this time as the START of the journey for women; it’s time in 2022 to transform the old rhetoric of profit only business models into “people count, emotional integrity matters” for prosperity for all.

If anyone, especially women, looks at this pandemic period as a disaster for women, we might perceive ourselves going backwards – more controlled, threatened, or marginalized within the often-derisive conversations about equality, diversity, and inclusion. This may also include the injustices of past eras and/or simply the lack of imagination to move beyond the known into the unknown.