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Authentic Harmony 2022 - Can Men and Women Lead the Way Together?

Authentic Harmony 2022 - Can Men and Women Lead the Way Together?

AUTHENTIC HARMONY 2022 and a narrative for a future worth living for...

Written by Dr Pauline Crawford

The joy of being alive and joining conscious conversations online across the globe has opened me up to the possibility of the collective energy with the potential of unifying future possibilities, economically and socially. Wise experts and imaginative futurists explore all the key issues with curiosity while creating new narratives. I am excited for the future. Our unique identity creates a dynamic force for good of all...if we chose wisely and listen to others perspectives.

Having said that, I also know that in today’s uncertainty - economically, politically, pandemically, and emotionally - I am seeing increasingly that different points of view cause arguments, division, depression, and isolation. We all feel the pain of polarized perspectives about gender, race and/or nation which is having the net effect of pulling people apart. Generations evolve faster and faster, creating divisive viewpoints which is driving violence in words … violence that spills over into daily life. This is not good for our planet. It is as if all the past demons are calling us to choose another path?

Gathering todays wisdom into an authentic harmony of men and women across our globe, is about observing, listening, and contributing from our hearts thereby setting the intention to develop a new power grid … an #authentic power grid for humanity wherein we can tune in and touch hands and hearts through our words, deeds, and smiles.

With the recent total solar eclipse, our world entered darkness albeit only in the southern hemisphere … and the planetary movements are asking us to set a golden intention for our world … for a new light to shine.

What Is Our Collective Golden Intention to Serve the World?

My golden intention is for #authenticharmony among all people … among nations, and among men and women. Magical Conversations are without judgement or anger; suspending action until we have consensus as to our next steps. This is my stated purpose on this planet. My mission is to ensure women and men of all diversities realize the fundamental co-creative potential of the feminine and masculine within each of us. It all starts with a cycle that is Value Creation...Know yourself, tune into others, create new narratives...

As we move forward in 2022, beyond our pandemic experiences, the world is in a galaxy of universal opportunities. All things are possible. It's time for change, for transformation, for unification, for magical conversations, and for an #authenticpowergrid of love for one another.

In my experience, women and men see significantly different visions regarding the future. We all - I hope - want a future that distances itself from conflict and opposition and transforms into one of REAL SYNERGY between men and women and therefore authentic harmony and collaboration.

Old stories no longer support our evolutionary and revolutionary processes.

Is it safe, therefore, to let go?

I believe so.

Change is the only constant we can count on. Let us, then, embrace life.

AUTHENTIC HARMONY is the result of knowing which part we must play in the orchestral symphony of life and how to tune into the score. Are you coordinated with yourself and others… is the whole score the one the audience wants to hear?

Can we all play and sing in harmony?

Can we share simple values, and deal with complex situations.

Here are simple ideas to expand our experience of living and working together..….

SMILE with genuine intentions to gift your smile to others…

OBSERVE calmly and objectively …and with loving intentions

RESPOND from your experience not to fix the other person

OWN who you are, what you say and what you feel

DO NOT FORCE YOUR VIEWS ON OTHERS, share with curiosity

BE KIND, BE CARING, BE STRONG – and don’t let anyone walk over you

USE COMMON SENSE and less nonsense

STEP INTO UNCERTAINTY with the certainty that we are all in this together

RESPECT DIFFERENCES – the mix makes the best cake!



In seeking to co-create AUTHENTIC HARMONY in our world, let’s first to go within … and each play our part. I have designed a map for the circle of life we find ourselves in – women and men of all nations and all roles – whether child, parent, teacher, employee, boss, community leader or even politician – we’re on this map. We use four archetypes to help us learn a simple language to deal with complex issues in a space of magical conversations.

These archetypes are the Ruler, the Philosopher, the Magician, and the Sovereign – embracing everyone in the circle of human life, and inclusive of LBGTQ, non-binary preferences as well as heterosexual men and women. We focus on core behavior, communication preferences and natural attributes and talents in order to listen to all differences and co-create a future that is inclusive and without judgement. We build a future with trust and love and value for differences. Everyone is invited to sit at the table of authentic harmony – to tune into the best of everything for business and life.

We work with clients who see that the future is different to the past and who see that different people bring a rich mix, a real synergy of talent, who can co-create using the human power of love and respect in our #authenticpowergrid.

Focus the light on to a new narrative that encompasses all diverse behaviors and natural complementary talents of men and women - this diversity of men and women is illustrated as natural archetypal styles as shown below. This is the circle of life in which we all participate with varied perspectives gleaned through our experiences since birth.


Our mission, with loving intentions, is to hold Magical Conversations using this new #authenticpowergrid of human differences in a space without judgement or anger – a conversation where people share experiences, listen, observe, and contribute so that each may find their way to authentic harmony where conversations end with “Let’s agree.”

As we look out on the world today, we often find conflict - so let's seek a narrative that brings a smile. Here are the lyrics of a song composed by by musician husband Jimmie James about