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Chief Vision Officer, Corporate Heart International (CHI)

Dr Pauline Crawford


Founder & Chief Vision Officer


Dr Pauline Crawford is a distinguished Author, International Speaker, Certified Entreprenologist PHD, Gender Dynamics Intelligence (GDI©) Originator/Expert and The Conversation Game Changer. Her vision is to engage men and women - fostered by a new leadership narrative for Authentic Harmony that properly honors women as never before. Dr. Crawford envisions a healthy synergy of the best learning practices from our past that is expanded with a heart centered ‘humanity-oriented’ leadership for future prosperity. 

Dr Pauline's mission is to educate leaders in the benefits of understanding human nature and core behavior traits that influence conversations, relationships, and performance. With more than 30 years’ experience working in the business sectors of the U.K., Europe, Asia, and the U.S., she has been able to introduce her unique concepts and programs to different countries of the world. Dr Crawford aka The Conversation Game Changer, she hosts live conversations, conducts online Wisdom Circles, and leads engagement experiences in-house to address her clients’ needs. Dr Crawford:

  • has worked across the globe since mid-2012, using available zoom technology to take program participants through webinar style series, coaching, and mentoring sessions. 

  • designs and applies unique personal and professional development tools and techniques to help individuals gain a deeper understanding of why they are who they are. 

  • Introduces participants to Gender Dynamics Intelligence (GDI©) archetypes, Magical Conversations Formula, and Wellness Mapping for an integrated approach to life at work. 


The outcomes of her research and consultancy practice will help business leaders unlock the authentic potential and productivity of their workforce.

‘My vision is Authentic Harmony as the core relational principle for women and men leading meaningful profitable enterprises to sustainable success. These will make a difference to people, planet, and prosperity; and inspire people to work with more heart enthusiasm and drive for performance excellence.”  

 - Dr Pauline Crawford PHD


Now a resident of the US, Dr Pauline is focused on entrepreneurs and corporate clients keen to create success through people with the objectives of synergy, relational energy, and performance excellence. Corporate Heart International, founded in 1999 in the UK, has expanded around the world with Dr Pauline’s travels. Her study of how business performance is impacted by relational pressures and human misunderstandings has given rise to her unique behavioral approach to embed authentic harmony as a driver for sustainable profitable success.  

Pauline is inspirational! I had the rare privilege of being involved in one of her Magical Conversations in London, together with a group of distinguished business leaders. Her emotional maturity and calm but persuasive leadership style is quite something to behold. But what makes Pauline unique is her deep understanding of feminine energy and intuition present in most organizations, but often suppressed by more domineering masculine energy. In a world where we seem to have gotten so many things wrong, Pauline's approach to business is a welcome and refreshing lifeline. Mike Haupt, CEO, Noetic Business

President-Elect, Rotary Club of Global Impact  

Chairperson, Permanent Commission for Social Issues and Women Entrepreneurs WUSME  


Dr. Pauline Crawford
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