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Surely if LOVE is truly residing within us, we will love different types of people - especially those who also experience the same energy of unconditional LOVE we know ignites our life for the good of humanity? This sense of self is fundamental to me as a resource for what happens next in our current climate of change and uncertainty. Shaping our future is about choices that may not seem obvious if you only look outside and see differences as difficult. Today there is an unlimited potential to change everything - which is why to many it is scary as hell!


Observing the world today, I wonder why it’s so difficult still for LOVE be the energy to permeate the boardroom? “Can Love and Business combine easily? Why is FEAR so often the underlying energy of profit and the accumulation of wealth in traditional male dominated environments?” I ask myself.

In this extraordinary time of chaos, uncertainty and opportunity, we need LOVE to be our energy source. It starts within not externally. If we can grasp this and ... rather than see the worst ...see the BEST, we can grow together.

I have been warned off promoting the subject of ‘LOVE as an energy force at work’ yet I know in my heart and mind combined, that the energy of pure LOVING intentions, as the inner game of life, is the only thing that will transform both business and life success together. Magical Conversations are a space of no judgment that encourages loving contribution and honest listening to align values even when we may not agree on specific content.

I have been told to be rational, not emotional, leave the tears and emotions outside the boardroom door. Why can I not influence with real world emotions that matter?

As a first insight, LOVE may seem only emotional, however think about it's factual content; love is beauty in nature, it is a peaceful sunny afternoon, it's a positive balance sheet... curiously we can hear about loving all these even by the most unemotional people. Successful business can be loved, a perfect relationship can be LOVE, a happy family is loveable…

I believe, men and women alike need to value the essence of love, loving energy and loving actions and regard it as their heart connection to a source of power rather than fear obstacles when engaging with another human being. Whether in the boardroom or the bedroom, you are a human being in loving action. Your choice; love or fear? Your emotions come with you to work. Of course, YOU may not believe loving intentions and positive emotions matter at work or that it is always by choice and attitude. Many don’t believe and continue to live in fear although not admitting it is a choice to react with fear or love. Now with the influence of women rising and at the top in leadership roles, using technology and digital fluidity and flexibility, we can choose disruption, innovation and entrepreneurial mindsets to transform the rules. Life has changed for ever. Love is here to stay and face fear front on!



“How can you be a human being and exist without loving feelings?” I pondered as I struggled to understand my own female emotions as I grew up through decades of change… and my anguish in tears would be choked back, so as not to be viewed as weak or a victim, on any issue or emotionally vulnerable scenarios I was taking risks in…. especially those close-up moments where I was wading through the unknown of challenging relationships, especially those very personal to me.

Now is the time to notice that LOVE and FEAR exist in every day of uncertainty we face together and alone. Friendship, compassion, community and support takes on new priorities.

I have had times of great challenge and cried buckets and needed to do so. I learned the release of emotional responses when love with another person changes. I intend not to be the victim, nor (within my power) do anything to make another person a victim or a vampire. Whether in personal, familial or business relationships, it is possible to navigate the waters and sail through stormy seas to a clear horizon. Emotions revealed though enhancing one’s life can be fabulous and - when negative - can be debilitating and sorrowful. We still must take the risk alone if no resolution is found together.

Today I face sadness every time I listen to the news. Afghanistan, oppression, riots, COVID illness and deaths, lockdowns, economic instability and so much tension - it feels like volatile air we breathe behind our masks! I do feel fear yet I have optimism and hope within my heart.


Because knowing LOVE energizes us from within is about being alive to the unknown as well as enjoying the fruits of personal love, friendships and family intimacy . Finding peace within ourselves is the goal so that we can endure, create, relate, and thrive against any odds. It is my personal inner guidance that I know this is attracting like-minded people to me. Not people who are the same as me - each has their own super power and mission - yet they are like-minded, open, values based, mindful and conscious to love.

Honesty with your own feelings can be a tough call but I assure you it’s essential for true growth and happiness. When we allow ourselves to love freely, genuinely, without fear, we won't just be dreaming big ideas, we can make them happen without the material world controlling us.

Men and women of all types, shapes, characteristics and values can share their version of love in the workplace and co-create new rules that underpin a collaborative harmony and vibrant creativity to produce better results. Why not? When we allow ourselves to love freely, genuinely, without fear, we won’t just be dreaming big ideas, we can make them happen often without the material world controlling us. Many of the greatest success stories today are from those connected to their love emotions aligned to their entrepreneurial professional ability to succeed financially while growing personal compassion and courage in their relationships in all situations.

This is VALUE CREATION It starts with you! Of the two major emotions LOVE and FEAR, I suggest LOVE – within us and with others – is the only course of intention and action. My WHY is to know who I am (and that I am enough) and to CONTRIBUTE LOVE everyday.

What is your WHY?

My WHY is that in the core of my being is HARMONY in my embodiment of LOVE, I have found my spirit smiles for others to receive. I have always loved being connected to other people, and to connecting the dots, to converse and explore diverse topics, to smile over all challenges, and to avoid conflict by absorbing it’s blows. Now as I continue my life journey, I am getting to know my true value, my WHY is HARMONY between MEN and WOMEN (and women and women, men and men) being in mutual happiness togetherness, getting on with life. Ultimately this changes everything and I believe will help us flow to an economy energy that values people, planet and profit in a seamless success flow.


My WHY is to help others help themselves, rather than merely serving them.

My WHY is the infinite game of life, not the finite. I believe we are each on our spiritual life journey here on earth (in these human bodies given to us as our guides) and we are invited to not be shy of the unknown and to love all humans (even the toxic ones – they were not born that way)!

#Magicalconversations and #GenderDynamicsIntelligence are for me the BEST way to spread LOVE around this globe and create VALUE for everyone with an unconditional love that attracts an intimate partner, great friendships, loving families and abundant minded communities, only then maybe can we get rid of dangerous and damaging arguments....and understand that life matters everywhere even in the most serious boardrooms of our world!!

Value Creation Cycle

My vision - to change the rules and agree new principles, co-created across diverse people and issues, beliefs and values, to build new narratives, women with women, men with women, men with men. In agreement, these guiding principles align to positive loving values and more essentially to our root beliefs of goodness for humanity. Can we all agree on these? Therein lies our greatest challenge. Love, Life, Universal Consciousness, Mindful ...and Playful maybe? No judgments, no anger, no urgency. My passion is Magical Conversations in which we all share experiences, open minded conversations, magical outcomes, listening, allowing and giving permission for all to contribute - with love. Yes we can if we listen, the tree of life grows stronger, wider, more beautiful.

Join me every Third Thursday of the Month and let's create a MAGICAL CONVERSATIONS global experience....

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