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Corporate Heart worked closely with Innovation Norway's London office to design and deliver a series of programmes for both individual and team development. The brief required Corporate Heart to come up with creative ideas that would build self-confidence and strengthened teamwork simultaneously. The programme included a mixture of individual meetings as well as large and small group sessions.  Critical to the event’s success were Corporate Heart's experience in developing people and teams, spoken communication and understanding the values that drive and influences behaviour.  As well as Corporate Heart's specialist expertise in this area, creativity, attention to detail and excellent project management skills were essential in ensuring successful results.”  


Heidi Dahl, Head of Western Europe, Innovation Norway 

(Testimonial For Leading Others to success Program)

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Pauline has a unique understanding of the differences in communication and thoughts patterns between men and women. She can add value to any business that aims to improve diversity, leverage on women talent and develop a more productive workforce.   She designed an inspirational workshop by interviewing three of the most senior women, and she was able to obtain from them very valuable feedback on how more junior employees can improve their career.  Again, she demonstrated how men and women can engage better with each other by adapting their style to the masculine/feminine personality of the recipient. She also suggested the styles and words that we can use to obtain greater results when conveying important messages. In view of the unique engagement with the audience, expertise and value that she can add to a company, I have no hesitation in recommending Pauline to any company that wishes to improve the retention of women talents. Thank you so much for all the magic you brought to my life!"  


Giuliana Bruce, Barclays, London


Pauline led the discussion superbly, bringing out the key themes, challenging at the right times, whilst managing also to keep the audience involved and engaged.  A very stimulating event to participate in” 


Cathy Turner, Barclays HR Director

(Testimonial For Conference Speaking and Hosting Events on Gender Diversity Agenda)

Dr Pauline enabled me to realize that I am important in my role and an asset to the company. Taught me to really think about how I want to work going forward and gave me the confidence to follow through my actions on my return to work”. 


Kellie Jones, PA to Nick Criticos – Head of Retail & Investment Trusts, F&C Asset Management plc

(Testimonial For Professional Women of Substance Program)

 Having been a Director of Operations and Client Services for several years and having worked in all areas of the business over a twelve-year period, I still lacked the confidence to step up and take on the role of Managing Director when the position became available.  Pauline’s Leadership programme helped me to understand that I possessed all the abilities and skills which were required for the role and that it was only my lack of confidence which was holding me back.  Her program was instrumental in helping me develop the right mindset to move forward with my career and to deal with the inevitable challenges.  

Pauline is an excellent mentor and the programme is well-structured and easy to follow and I would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone who needs a little encouragement to take that next step.  I accepted my new position shortly after completing the programme and have never looked back!  


Letitia Herviou, Managing Director, Basel Trust, Jersey. 

(Testimonial For Professional Women of Substance Program)

Dr Pauline is inspirational! I had the rare privilege of being involved in one of her Magical Conversations in London, together with a group of distinguished business leaders. Her emotional maturity and calm but persuasive leadership style is quite something to behold. But what makes Pauline unique is her deep understanding of feminine energy and intuition present in most organizations, but often suppressed by more domineering masculine energy. In a world where we seem to have got so many things wrong, Pauline's approach to business is a welcome and refreshing lifeline.  


Mike Haupt, CEO, Noetic Business

(Testimonial For Magical Conversations 2010)

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