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My life lessons taught me all I know to crack the code of life!

CRACKING THE LEADERSHIP CODE - and the life code!!

My evolution to this moment in my life as a Global Changemaker has been 7 decades of learning - winning some and making mistakes - always determined to enjoy my entrepreneurial and love life adventure together. Life is the greatest experience and teaches you all you need to know... if you take the time to observe and discover its magic!

I have studied the nature of conversations between all types of people, family members, colleagues, clients, celebrities, and many public figures from many countries, generations, religions, and preferences. The way people approach conversations and how they either embrace and find rewards or reject and make difficulties fascinates me. I have had the opportunity to present and host amazing events engaging the audiences in the experience.

Here in this photo, you see an insightful session into generations of women and our impact on leadership. This serious event was held in the conference arena at BT Headquarters, London UK, for the Women's Leadership Forum British Telecom 2009. On stage, I interviewed my mother, a community leader aged 90, and my daughter, a new mum, and entrepreneur setting up an online sales business within months of giving birth. The amazing courage and fortitude of female leaders were our theme. It was such a personal accolade to me to have this opportunity. My mother passed aged 93 and talked many times about her "Daughter as a Leader of Substance" What an honor.

As I bring all of my lessons into my programs, I am especially pleased to share this with you. A special program designed for you as a leader, male and female alike, to ensure a new synergy of men and women working together as a key to productivity and significant improvements in all aspects of the business.

Let me ask you...

Have you ever found that your efficient business skills as a leader do not extend to dealing with the emotions and tensions of the people you work with? Can you imagine every day easing your way through difficult conversations? What if you had your own conversation roadmap and knew how to gain results and inspire your team members and manage the tensions that arise between men and women in your workplace?

"I have designed the perfect solution tailored specifically for assertive leaders like yourself, I designed this to help my own journey to evolve from a less than confident mom at home to a leading global changemaker presenting to audiences across the world, and lived in three very different continents, UK/Europe, Malaysia/Asia and now USA! "

Your story as a leader is now at a crossroads as you find your world shifting faster than you could have imagined. AI, Chat GPT, Hybrid Working, Zoom Meetings, and Economic Chaos in every market are just a few of the changes you face. I have found the way through has been by studying the people around me and the nature of core natural reactive behavior. In a climate of DEI Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion policies, and increased pressure on ESG and SDGs, you as a leader need a new language to manage the human dynamics in your daily working life. I have designed Gender Dynamics Intelligence to enrich your ability to manage everyone around you. It works, I know because it has guided me her from being a stay-at-home mum in my 30s to a Global Change Maker, and Conversation Game Change Consultant to clients from many sectors; Barclays, Coutts, BT, Innovation Norway, eBay, Metropolitan Police (London), HP Consulting, Law Firms, Bankers Trust, Ministry of Women, KL (Malaysia), Razak School of Government, and AEU Asia University, and many more. I have presented on global stages, live and on zoom since 2020.

Let me share my leadership story as a woman in a man's world.

Along my entrepreneurial way, be assured it's not always been a smooth ride. I have lost everything 3 times over, lived on little, packed and repacked my bags, and moved into new countries with my gut instincts and intuition as my companions! My fortunes have ebbed and flowed over the last 3 decades, and I found something else in my travels that have given me riches beyond material rewards. This is the knowledge and experience of meeting people of amazing caliber, seniority, and prestige - all with heart-minded, loving, well-spirited men and women who care about productive results and people. That's the accolade of a leader who cares both about profit and people.

I developed a way to elevate a person's ability to understand others without having to be a psychologist!!

I have hosted magical conversation spaces, listened to others, and breathed life into my client’s own hero journey. Many great testimonials show me the long-lasting value my approach brings to leaders like you. We all face the roller coaster of the external forces of our lives yet within you all, you have individual natural magic that will make your success smile!

My life lessons have helped me understand my client’s needs, especially as the leader of today's confusing diverse workplace fueled by changing social media pressure. When DEI and TikTok fight over your attention on results, maybe it's time to take back your natural leader's ability to lead from your heart and mind in tandem. Now as the pandemic fades away and we wait nervously for what comes next, we all face the challenge of uncertainty.

Have you ever been to the edge of despair? I have Christmas 2021/22, and nursed my husband after nearly dying in hospital for 17 days; I have lived thousands of miles away from my family in the UK; I made and dissolved partnerships that seemed promising. I am determined, kind, and optimistic still! I have been saved by Zoom during COVID and now have strongly seeded a global passion to inspire, elevate and educate men and women to know authentic harmony is a lead magnet rather than the battle for equality that drains resources and energy.

I see a new leadership forming where men and women co-create a landscape that embraces emotional energy, real differences in synergy, healthy working and shared values that impact social and familial happiness. As AI floods our neural networks, be assured that your leadership is your natural style not what has been taught by the stick. It is time to value men and women as natural different talents and to reinvent business based on current world needs, hybrid working, female participation, and family needs across the life spectrum of men and women's different journeys.

There I am - Dr. Pauline Crawford - my life has covered 7 decades, and I have learned much along the way. From a less-than-confident mum at home in the UK, I discovered my inner power and passion to create conversations that mattered! Now I am here to enable you to raise your game and win with all parties at your table.

If you are a leader of today, join this program, you will learn so much in this introductory half-day. It will improve your leadership - and also your life!!


Mastering the GDI language for men and women (click here to register) Introducing my 3-hour (2 x 90 min sessions PLUS 30 min break) This is an Interactive Intensive ON-ZOOM MASTERCLASS WORKSHOP - a CONVERSATION GAME CHANGE in leadership development.

This exclusive workshop unveils the SECRET CODE to leadership success when working with men with women by using the POWERFUL LANGUAGE PATTERNS of GDI (Gender Dynamics Intelligence).

With our specially designed language patterns and techniques, you'll take your leadership skills to the next level and unlock the true potential of your colleagues and key relationships at work. Our workshop focuses on essential leadership dialogue that ensures your DEI responsibility does not fade away but thrives!

Who is this workshop for?

If you're a leader of a team or department, frustrated with the lack of engagement and frequent clashes between men and women in meetings, this MASTERCLASS is tailored specifically for you. You'll gain invaluable knowledge of GDI - a navigation strategy for conversations - that will revolutionize your ability to understand and communicate with everyone you encounter in the workplace.

  • Imagine communication becoming easy, open, and honest.

  • Picture yourself experiencing clarity, commitment, and collaboration with your team members and colleagues across your organization.

  • By mastering the secrets of the GDI language, you'll witness improved performance, increased sharing of ideas and solutions, enhanced participation in meetings, and overall productivity gains.

  • It's a win-win!

What sets our service apart is our unique approach based on groundbreaking GDI ARCHETYPES. No other program can match our methodology, backed by extensive research and 30 years of client experience. Our navigation tools and techniques embrace every behavior, every communication, and every relationship situation you are likely to encounter, empowering you to navigate any challenging conversations with confidence.

But don't just take our word for it. Here's what one of our clients, Peter Thomas, an Interim Board & C-Suite Leader and Cross-Sector specialist, has to say about Dr. Pauline Crawford, the mind behind this transformative program:

"Dr. Pauline has a unique ability to understand the very nature of male and female interactions in the workplace, particularly at the leadership level. Her extensive work in this arena, creating powerful models that foster open, empathetic, and inclusive conversations with real impact on organizational culture, is needed more than ever in this post-covid world."

Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity. Join our MASTERCLASS workshop today and CRACK THE SECRET CODE to Leadership Success for Men and Women working together!

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