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Are you leading others in the optimal manner to leverage talent and empower your team?

When it comes to leveraging your TALENT POOL and EMPOWERING your team to work seamlessly, creatively AND SUPER PRODUCTIVELY together, do those annoying and often damaging gender dynamics get in the way?

.Dr Pauline Crawford giving a presentation

With a keen focus on your diversity and the equity agenda, leading others to success can be a minefield of differences that only surface as disagreements - or worse!

In my experience, as a mature 30year professional, female facilitator of engagement programs for women with men and vice versa men with women, I learned over my experiences and my personal preferences, that real synergy and authentic harmony are themes that enrich the best possible collaboration in ways not usually delivered in "training programs". This is a life lessons engagement for lasting authentic human power!

Here in New York in 2019, I addressed the issue to mostly women - yet the men in the room were even more taken with the approach and with the guidance that Gender Dynamics Intelligence can provide them as leaders leading others.

I have a passion and purpose to bring the CORPORATE HEART alive and thriving - hence I am Chief Vision Office for that mission internationally. My vision is therefore #Heartcenteredleadership and here is the first step for you as a Leader Leading Others to Success.

My approach to the mutual empowerment of men and women has developed over nearly three decades. In the UK I helped many corporate PLCs and medium sized business units, departments and teams to shift their personal perspectives and engage in new found measurable good relationships and improved performance output that lasted for life.

"It was noticeable that the atmosphere across the whole team lightened and improved one hundred-fold; and that over a year later the change in many people is sustainable in a manner that I have not experienced with other programs. Pauline has a wealth of experience about business as well as the people and this enhances the sustainability of the result. Her skill to reach an eclectic audience always creates tangible benefits for everyone." Diane McNulty, Business Manager, Metropolitan Police, London

Why did it last longer and deeper than 'training programs"?

Because the knowledge and experience we share is owned by the participants - it is yours to embody - not laid on you or restrictive about "who you are?" The guiding principles gear you as a leader - and your team - to full awareness of core natural reactive behavior in words and deeds; plus it guides each person to value different behaviors in words and deeds in others who are not the same as them. This core learning is a new intelligence that underpins best behavior, great relationship and - most importantly - a conversation strategy that continues to embrace and elevate individuals and collectives at the same time!

"Corporate Heart worked closely with Innovation Norway's London office to design and deliver a series of programs for both individual and team development. The brief required Corporate Heart to come up with creative ideas that would build self-confidence and strengthened teamwork simultaneously. The program included a mixture of individual meetings as well as large and small group sessions. Critical to the event’s success were Corporate Heart's experience in developing people and teams, spoken communication and understanding the values that drive and influences behavior. As well as Corporate Heart's specialist expertise in this area, creativity, attention to detail and excellent project management skills were essential in ensuring successful results.” Heidi Dahl, Head of Western Europe, Innovation Norway

Dr Pauline Crawford training a group of people

I was very fortunate to work and live in Malaysia 2013-2017 and working for the Ministry of Women with classes of men and women, I recognized the value of Gender Dynamics Intelligence archetypes transferred to all cultures and all diversity groups and preferences. The magic evolved as I realized the significant ground breaking plan impacted all leaders and followers, men and women alike. I now can share these experiences and knowledge with real-life content and global research that will lift your role as a leader of men and women wherever you are.

There are three major challenges I discovered across all groups that I have worked with when it comes to leveraging talent - male and female being of different variations - and so empowering all within one map of life and business threaded together/

I'd love to share my experiences with you here and in real-life action in our MASTERCLASS SERIES available each month starting this month of MAY 2023.

Let take a look at how this program helps resolve your individual conversation difficulties - and SHED LIGHT on those times when YOU believe you're the ONLY one dealing with such difficulties!
Woman giving presentation to other women

FIRST Challenge:

Lack of Open and Honest Communication: In many teams, there can be a hesitancy to engage in open and honest conversations, which can hinder collaboration, creativity, and productivity. Some team members may fear speaking up or sharing their ideas due to concerns about judgment or conflict.

Resolution: The program addresses this challenge by providing participants with tools and techniques to create a safe and inclusive communication environment. YOU will learn how to foster psychological safety, encourage active participation, and promote open dialogue. By creating an atmosphere of trust and respect, YOU can help team members to feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts, insights, and concerns, leading to more dynamic and productive conversations.

SECOND Challenge:

Difficulty in Handling Conflicts Constructively: Conflicts are inevitable in any team or organization, but if they are not managed effectively, YOU can escalate and damage relationships. Some team members may struggle with conflict resolution skills, leading to avoidance or unproductive arguments.

Resolution: The program helps participants develop skills to handle conflicts constructively. YOU will learn techniques for active listening, empathy, and understanding different perspectives. Through role-playing exercises and case studies, YOU will practice conflict resolution strategies and gain insights on how to navigate difficult conversations with empathy and assertiveness. By resolving conflicts in a healthy and constructive manner, YOU take this methodology to your teams to harness the diversity of ideas and perspectives within their talent pool, leading to better outcomes and team empowerment.

THIRD Challenge:

Ineffective Feedback Delivery: Providing and receiving feedback is essential for growth and improvement, but many individuals find it challenging to deliver feedback effectively. Feedback that is unclear, overly critical, or not actionable can demotivate team members and hinder YOUR development.

Resolution: The program equips participants with the skills to deliver feedback in a constructive and impactful manner. YOU will learn techniques for giving specific, actionable, and balanced feedback that focuses on growth and development. Through interactive exercises, participants will practice delivering feedback and receive guidance on how to frame YOUR messages effectively. By improving feedback delivery, YOUR team members will feel empowered to provide and receive feedback, fostering a culture of continuous learning and development within the team.

By addressing these conversation difficulties and providing practical solutions, the program enables participants to leverage their talent pool effectively, empower YOUR team members, and cultivate dynamic conversations that drive innovation, collaboration, and success.


Dr Pauline Crawford presenting

Using Gender Dynamics Intelligence (GDI©) Archetypes and the magical conversations formula of "no judgement, anger, or coercion," participants in this program will gain personal and professional success through the following:

WHAT YOU will Gain on this MASTERCLASS SERIES - the best start to great conversations YOU can ever have - and YES lead others to success:

a) Enhanced Awareness of Gender Dynamics Intelligence: YOU will gain a deep understanding of the GDI© Archetypes, which explore the different ways in which gender influences communication styles, decision-making, and leadership approaches. YOU will develop insights into YOUR own archetype and how YOU interact with others, fostering empathy and appreciation for diverse perspectives.

b) Empowered Communication Skills: By embracing the magical conversations formula of "no judgement, anger, or coercion," participants will learn to communicate assertively, respectfully, and effectively. YOU will gain techniques to navigate challenging conversations, address conflicts, and express their thoughts and ideas in a manner that promotes understanding and collaboration.

c) Leveraging Gender Intelligence: YOU will learn how to leverage Gender Dynamics Intelligence to create inclusive and equitable work environments. This is a start point to understand how gender dynamics impact team dynamics, decision-making, and innovation. With this knowledge, YOU can bring your team to a MASTERCLASS and harness the strengths and talents of YOUR team members, promoting diversity, and driving better results.

HOW YOU will LEARN on this MASTERCLASS SERIES - to gain the maximum Personal and Professional Success:

a) Self-Reflection and Empowerment: Through self-reflection activities and group discussions, YOU will gain a deeper understanding of YOUR own strengths, biases, and areas for growth. This self-awareness will empower YOU to overcome limitations, break through barriers, and unleash their full potential both personally and professionally


b) Skill Development: The program provides practical tools and techniques to navigate gender dynamics and engage in magical conversations. YOU will engage in experiential learning, role-playing exercises, and case studies to practice these skills in a safe and supportive environment. YOU will develop the ability to communicate effectively, build strong relationships, and foster an inclusive work culture.

c) Collaboration and Success: By embracing the principles of "no judgement, anger, or coercion," participants will create an environment where diverse voices are heard, valued, and respected. This inclusive culture will foster collaboration, creativity, and innovation, leading to personal and professional success for both individuals and the entire team. By leveraging Gender Dynamics Intelligence and magical conversations, YOU will unlock their potential, build meaningful connections, and achieve YOUR goals in a way that benefits themselves and YOUR organizations.

Through the integration of GDI© Archetypes and the magical conversations formula, participants will gain the necessary knowledge, skills, and mindset to navigate gender dynamics, foster inclusive conversations, and achieve personal and professional success in a diverse and interconnected world.
To personalize your experience in the Master Class and seal the deal, we invite you to schedule a discovery call. By personalizing your experience, we can maximize the value you gain from the Master Class and provide you with the tools and insights necessary for your personal and professional growth.

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