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How to Navigate Difficult Conversations using a Magical Formula?

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

“Authentic Harmony between men and women and among all diverse factions is essential if we are to resolve the collective issues we face in today’s world” – Dr Pauline Crawford

My mission is to help make your life easier, more harmonious, more uplifting and more fulfilling whatever challenges you are facing. In order to do so, you need to navigate the difficult conversations that block your progress or drain your energy. My magical formula opens your mind and your heart to choose the smoothest path and the most rewarding.

Of course these choices that you make are yours, your mind set and past attitudes will matter, your personality, gender, age, preferences and culture will impact you. I am offering you new options to explore and amaze yourself and others by connecting with ease and grace.

My life experiences over seven decades have proven to me that the core crossroads to your success is in this moment and not the past. There is a formula for magical conversations I have used all of my life - no judgements, no anger and no coercion within a scheduled time and environment held sacred and safe for all who enter the circle - so that without an untamed ego you can grow wisdom seeds for a future worth living. Now is the time we all need to explore the uncertainty around us. It starts with YOU, here now.

The world has changed so much over seven decades and many of you will not know an age before mobiles or arguments about climate change enable men and women to live, love and work in ways that expand their individual and shared creative output, especially as changes occur around them and potential conflicts arise. The objective is to convert destructive conflict into healthy collaboration thereby resolving issues in the boardroom, bedroom, classroom and/or communication in general and allowing authentic harmony to rise naturally to enhance people and prosperity …and our planet!

The intended outcome impacts every aspect of our life development, such as creating deeper friendships, ensuring long term intimate relationships, building happier families, developing team synergy and seeding enthusiastic collaboration in a personal and professional community that adds an equitable return to the bottom line.

If we are to reach these outcomes, we need new rules to replace the tired old arguments that stem from disharmony and conflict. We need to evolve together, forming agreed upon shared purpose and principles of love, trust, and respect. With genuine heartfelt meaning, these need to be driven by positive loving values and, more importantly, they should feed a core belief in human nature to share kindly and inclusively. This is about you transforming your whole life.

As you set out to agree on mutual benefits, are you each able to listen without judgment, without anger and without endeavoring to control others and/or outcomes? You can only influence others. You cannot change them.

My purpose and passion is to encourage people to share experiences, create open-minded conversations, set intentions for magical outcomes, and accord permission for all participants to contribute in a safe, welcoming, healing, harmonious space.

As you continue to transform, let’s create a mix of love, happiness, consciousness, mindfulness ... and some playfulness … and let these elements form our guiding insight. In this manner, you can learn to listen, honor, and respect one another. When you engage with joy, curiosity, freedom of expression and a wonderment of diverse views, our relationships will grow stronger, deeper, and more sustainable. Wisdom does not arrive automatically with age, yet if the lessons taught by life’s ups and downs are learned well, the ensuing wisdom will add credence to why we are who we are as we share our lives together.

In my sessions with you, you will learn to navigate your life at work and at home. My goal is help you make your life easier...Given what I have learned during my journey to date, I invite you:

• to observe yourself, know yourself and people around you,

• to engage others in conversations and relationships that matter, and

• to share your experiences in a meaningful way with all who will listen

What I learned along the way will provide you with a starting point and practical advice that you can use to identify and develop your life values and some useful communication principles and conversation habits i.e., those with no judgement or anger - with curiosity and genuine interest. I invite you to recall those conversations that have blocked, upset, or caused you anger or distress as well as damaged other people. Let me ask now that you release those memories and create a new daily ‘magical conversation’ practice for authentic harmony through a practice that is steeped in happiness, joy, mindfulness, new discoveries, and wonderful relationships.

I call these Magical Conversations, where - without judgement - you will start to release your power and attract authentic harmony that co-creates success with you.

Imagine, as a leader of others, you are a lighthouse and although you are grounded, solid in the foundation rocks at your core, the sea is violent, and many are drowning. Rather than jumping into the rough waves without a life jacket and potentially drowning, you can shine more powerfully from the source of your life lessons and invite everyone who passes to sail the authentic harmony ocean to the calm waters of safety. Hopefully, this light brings with it joy and laughter, and a good sense of your authentic authority about who YOU are – as you sail on with a selfless ego and with everyone’s blessing!

The Next Article will show you the Gender Dynamics Intelligence navigation system and why men don't understand women today. For more navigation tools and techniques; purchase my book


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