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Women Empowering Men's Lives for Synergy Success

My mission is for women to rise courageously – without antagonism – and accept the mandate to empower a transition to Authentic Harmony between men and women.

The chess board is an equal playing field relying on players knowing the game, their expert mental grasp of the game and the rules. Can we play the game of life and business by new rules and change the game to stop the toxicity and start a robust combination of male and female attributes?

Could a change in direction be how women create those new rules, seeking to empower men to become wise men; with men utilizing positive masculinity to guide affairs in an inclusive, compassionate manner, acknowledging all contributions as valid, equivalent, and valuable?

Is the necessary change black and white - or is it full of color and texture?

Saying Goodbye to Equality and Hello to Harmony is by no means rejecting all great achievements in the sphere of women’s rights for gender equality. I celebrate and am grateful for where women are now. Is it time, however, to co-create a new landscape and language, game and rules, on and off the pitch, for humanity's sake as well as economic growth and security. How do we agree to move toward a future of mutually beneficial choices by leaving the map of past misfortunes?

Women know that life today for them is neither equal to men nor balanced equity. In the United Nations in December 2022, Dr Djibril Diallo reported that the marginalization and abuse of women is the most urgent issue of today's world. Official Data quotes state that 1 in 3 women have been abused sexually or physically, and this is felt to be low and does not address emotional abuse. This may seem far away from the corporate world of DEI and the ever present contentious harassment and toxic behavior of workplace strains between women and men. However it is important to address the added value we can achieve together when "bad behavior" does not slow us down!

Can we truly value each other without prejudice, judgement, stereotypes or biases?

Women are half of the world population yet not with half the control! There are women holding political and corporate leadership positions, but the percentage is minimal and, considering the last 100 years, we are far from achieving joint custody in a mutual plan with men for management of business and family life. Women are economically or socially reduced to 'less than" when indeed we could shift the pace of economic development and social equity if given the co-pilot controls!

Women came into a man’s world at the outset of WW2 and took on major roles that helped win the war. They decided not to leave as life returned to normal. The stage was finally set for the fight for their rights to continue. Women have fought with men who never wanted equality for much too long. The fight has been, and still is, tough and arduous. My question ismust it be so? Surely empowered women are agile, strategic, sensitive, strong, savvy in business and the keepers of family harmony? I believe women want to maintain their natural harmonic song together with men.

Women are natural relationship builders, and increasingly creating successful businesses
Half of the world’s population - 49.59% are women - and 2.2 of the 3.9 billion are mothers
“Every human being is some mother’s child” and only women are capable of reproducing and running businesses!

My purpose on this planet is to evolve a new human awareness on multiple levels including emotional, lifestyle and economic levels as positive feelings and value add become an economic driver for accepting women as equal and different. Acknowledging that women have yet to gain full equality is the next step forward. The argument of women’s inequality and marginalization is undoubtedly a trigger issue for tension among male leaders and the continued fighting for human rights and justice is a constant fear and resistance for men. We have to go beyond these boundaries before all is lost.

In my current experiences across the globe, talking with men and women about progress on this topic, I have been introduced to a movement called Positive Masculinity, initiated in DRC Congo and the heartland of Africa. In the last year taking on the role as G100 Global Chair for Positive Masculinity, I’ve learned much about this male leadership promise to eliminate violence against women and girls in their communities and to boost the role and integration of business women and female professionals into economic growth. It makes good sense yet is it easy to achieve and what is the ultimate goal?

How does this movement translate to the corporate workplace of harassment cases that are occurring. How do we develop a conversation about harmony while saying goodbye to past misdemeanors and toxicity at large without feeling we are back to the battle ground of fear and misunderstandings and setting policies rather than having heartfelt conversations?

I believe we have a clear opportunity now to re-start a new authentic harmony narrative for a leadership synergy where women and men lead together valuing all needs and all life requirements – economic, social, and lifestyle. When we empower all to love one another; therein achieving harmony between genders and ceasing the toxic dissonance, we add positive equity to business relationships and collaboration to produces productive results.

In LEADING OTHERS TO SUCCESS you discover you can retain your status as a leader while blending emotional integrity and business excellence, and embedding a healthy synergy and strategy flowing into performance results for exponential growth. Shifting the lens of "I'm in charge" to "we are in charge together" is not a quick fix solution, however it ensures a lifetime transformation for your life and business success. Let me share one of my favorite real life long-term client quotes:

"Pauline's ability to work with a wide range of personalities in a large, newly formed (mixed gender) team was highly effective and practical; her style is sensitive to personal issues yet highly focused on the professional excellence I desired from the team. It was especially significant for me as the Business Manager to learn how differently colleagues perceived each other and me, and how this had caused performance in the team to be ineffective. It was noticeable that the atmosphere across the whole team lightened and improved one hundred-fold; and that over a year later the change in many people is sustainable in a manner that I have not experienced with other programs. Pauline has a wealth of experience about business as well as the people and this enhances the sustainability of the result. Her skill to reach an eclectic audience always creates tangible benefits for everyone. Diane McNulty, Business Manager, Metropolitan Police, London

In our vision of Authentic Harmony, we need wise men advocating for women as valuable co-creators and women honoring men doing things their way.

However, women cannot always leave men to fix everything, especially where the solution is only sourced through a female-centric lens.

I propose an aligned strategy for Authentic Harmony rather than a Battle for Equality - for women to reach their desired destination i.e., as equally valued contributors living and working on their own terms with consideration for men. Recognizing that talents vary between men and women, in all aspects of business and life, is central to men understanding that women are both a vital part of the family and community and potentially - if she chooses - an asset to the economic growth of your business and her lifestyle.

I visualize and enact a visionary reality for our clients as the possibility ahead and the story women and men need to embrace as we all travel from Equality to Harmony. In order that this can become a joyful shared destination, men and women need greater clarity to value the co-creation design. We must harness the value of natural female talents as much as, or more than, academic skills that function as authority markers often beyond a women’s reach. We need to adapt the best practices of the past and present designed by men.

Our world has changed and so must we. Can we see beyond tradition and navigate the subsequent battle? Utilizing the best of both men and women - without toxic controls, past regrets or negative pressure points - is proven to deliver performance results.

In seeking Authentic Harmony as the possibility ahead and the story we can all embrace, we are required to release the continuing battle ground of women seeking equality to a more fluid, all inclusive world of gender dynamics intelligence, where all male and female diversities recognize each other as valuable and playing their part of the synergy equation.

SYNERGY - the interaction or cooperation of two or more individuals, identities organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

In order that this can become a joyful shared destination, men and women need greater clarity to value the co-creation design. We must harness the value of natural female talents as much as, or more than, academic skills that function as authority markers often beyond a women’s reach. We need to adapt the best practices of the past and present designed by men.

Our world has changed and so must we. Can we see beyond tradition and navigate the subsequent battle?

As I have navigated my life, I have observed people in diverse country cultures, East and West, and researched the nuances of natural masculine and feminine characteristics. I studied discernible traits related to innate preferences in language and core behavior that align to men and women differently. My ideas formulated from my own masculine-minded logic preferences mix with my female maternal core; my search to understand this mix led to my active research observing body physicality, posture, neurology, and communication patterns of hundreds of client base over 30 years. This has flowed in my flagship program LEADING OTHERS TO SUCCESS.

I have mapped my observations to core reactive archetypal behavior, studying groups in various cultures and diversities. My approach is not about diversity categories other than biology. I focus on the human ‘gender dynamics’ of conversations among men and women and impact of masculine and feminine energy. In my research, these arise in both men and women in different patterns that can build loving healthy relationships. Sadly, toxic experiences have forged disrespectful stereotypes, uncomfortable bias, and harassing environments.

My foundational work takes a significant departure from the past and present battles for gender equality. It clarifies current gender-identity confusion. I have worked across three continents with my practice, Europe, Asia, and USA and globally online, to embed my approach to life in three simple steps to create value in every human conversation:

1. know who you are – self-discovery is key to knowing your core archetype behavior
2. understand how you relate in thoughts, words and deeds to others who are different to you
3. listen, tune into others and contribute with group perspectives, with an open-mind and a willing heart

Working with diverse cultures and men and women of all shapes and sizes, I guide people how to discover natural answers to issues that might destroy equality.

The key to Authentic Harmony is to understand those who are not like you! Too many times individuals simply don’t understand that they don’t understand!

In conclusion - to arrive at AUTHENTIC HARMONY together, we must know ourselves and converse with others without prejudice or judgement, with shared values and common purpose. This is the essential way to move from fighting for Equality to a mutually beneficial strategy for Harmony.

It takes time to assimilate these ideas maybe because we have lived in a contentious world for so long when it comes to men and women and the equality debate. I never doubt, however, when the aha moment comes, human beings will go past the assumptions and smile. This happens all the time with my clients.

My mission is to educate a foundation awareness for men and women to bring their voices into a joyful harmonic and – most importantly - to stop violence occurring against women and girls and young boys across the world. In this, we need Positive Masculinity role models for boys and girls. I set my intention for my legacy to be to stop bullying, harassment, violence, and war. I don’t believe we can find peace without Authentic Harmony.

The equality battle has worn both sides out. It’s a complex situation yet simple consistent steps may allow women to harness their wisdom to empower men’s lives to thereby empower all women who are marginalized. It may seem contrary to current wisdom to focus only on empowering women, however loving intentions reign supreme in my prayer book of life. With an open-minded Authentic Harmony approach, anything is possible.

A story of Authentic Harmony evolving right now... bringing gender dynamics intelligence awareness to Positive Masculinity to evolve male role models who will advocate to eliminate violence against women and girls in Africa

My mission in countries where traditionally cultures are deeply rooted in gender-based violence is different to my Corporate Heart International mission to support leaders to engage in a strategic transformation of people in order to produce better results. However there are aligned tactics and conversation strategies.

In Africa, there are major shifts occurring now where male leaders have taken on the mantel of #PositiveMasculinity in 6 African Nations at President level and are promising they will stop the violence and build up more equitable economic support. Strong female leadership is emerging in this movement and are standing beside these men who are fixing the problem for women. For more information on this movement, connect with my team directly at

I honor and support these strong gracious African women in this quest and pray that my book The Power of Authentic Harmony will be an education for wise men to one day meet these women on open and equal chess board

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