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Are we blinded by the drive for equality that we miss the value of difference?


Are women and men the same? Do we react the same? Speak the same? Are our life journeys the same?

If we were all the same, surely tensions wouldn't flare up... we would have no toxic behaviour and live in a flow of meaningful joy...a world of Authentic Harmony (AH)

Our Human AH Factor - the harmonic essence of life - especially needed to valuing the changes around us in an era of AI and Chat GPT taking over many script - is the most amazing naturally occurring factor to enable us to live a full life. Yet this Human AH Factor is drowning in mis-understandings and arguments, especially between women and men. Resolving those tensions is key to build a new harmonic especially when women feel harassed or not heard - and men are concerned they will be seen as a threat when wanting to flow in a diversity issue. If we decide equality means we're the same, then we head into a blind alley and nobody wins!

If AH futures are desired - you need two or more voices to come together in a pleasing manner to create the music and messages of life and good performance together. If we are to have a really honest look at our male and female inclusion in relationships at work and at play, we see that external pressures, internal DEI policies and current gender identity confusion is draining our performance resources. At work, there are tensions, to-do lists, directives, policies and more let alone the competition between people, the financially in-balances and the 'career ladder' competition between men and women..

Is the playing field equal for women and men? It does not seem so at this time, yet here at Corporate Heart International (CHI) we believe in human's need to belong, to achieve and to work together.

We help you lead and inspire your people's heart flow, the "chi" that fuels a great collective energy while honoring each person's uniqueness. Men and women alike are in need of being listened to:

💚 If we cannot listen to each other, we will not hear

💚 If we do not hear, we will not care

💚 If we do not care, there will be unhappiness and strife

💙 If we share with our heartfelt honoring of others

💙 If we embrace differences with curiosity and wonder

💙 If we recognize the combined value of our uniqueness as women and men together

❤ We can build a better more abundant synergistic outcome in business, in life, in community and for our planet...

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus... well yes and so much more - in todays world we need #GenderDynamicsIntelligence to navigate through the chaos of gender confusion, conflicts and tensions, women in quotas, men in boardrooms. Time to speak up with care....

If you are on the dis-believing fence: feel threatened by all the uncertainty; and are angry with anyone around you - then start here:

This is a starter session where YOU find out how to deal with ONE difficult situation with another person without having to bring them along.


Expand this to a team or group session and learn with each other!

Bring the men and women in your team to learn about each other with new perspectives to overcome the most difficult situations that occur between men and women. Usually with a group up to 12 the learning is insightful and rewarding as each discover their Gender Dynamics Intelligence archetype and test out the mapping process. The session will engage with conversation navigation clues as to how the archetypes tune into each other. This is real time real life learning and a lot of fun too!!

SPECIAL OFFER - Take this to your team and let your colleagues experience a breakthrough with a range of conversations and relationships that stop progress. This webinar 90 mins is a way to tune up your top performers with an energizing dose of real synergy working together!

This session invites you and your team to open your minds to infinite possibilities and unlimited potential working together. This is focused on today's diverse multi-attitudinal workforce where leaders can get caught up using policies to control rather than communication intelligence to release the BEST from all.

This experience online or in-house is interactive and combines the creative power of conversation techniques, natural archetypal behavior and personal energy patterns to release the BEST of men and women - in a Gender Dynamics Intelligence combination. This is REAL-TIME SYNERGY working for you to maximize people power around you and to gain authentic harmony for top performance results.

Bring up to 12 of your team or department along, or ask for details for an extended larger group session if required. Using our conversational formula, we engage everyone to share perspectives that add value to each person and to the group as a whole.

We cover how to:

TACKLE LEADERSHIP TENSION – dissolve difficult situations with the right words

RAISE NATURAL ‘LEADERSHIP’ CONFIDENCE – with a Value Creation philosophy of success cycle TUNE UP RELATIONSHIPS - with Gender Dynamics Intelligence© for Authentic Harmony in action.

It's a fun and rewarding session and be assured, its a personally safe space to learn about each other...with no-judgement, no anger and no coercion - good experience for collaborative outputs.

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