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Authentic Harmony for Top Performance 


  • Lead Your Team To Success 

  • Enrich Your Business Culture

  • Transform Your Workforce Equity 


Dr. Pauline Crawford, Founder of Corporate Heart International, is a distinguished Author, International Speaker, Certified Entreprenologist PHD, Gender Dynamics Intelligence (GDI©) Originator/Expert, and The Conversation Game Changer. Her vision is to engage men and women - fostered by a new leadership narrative for Authentic Harmony that properly honors women as never before. Dr. Crawford envisions a healthy synergy of the best learning practices from our past that is expanded with a heart-centered ‘humanity-oriented’ leadership for future prosperity. 

Dr Pauline Crawford

‘My vision is Authentic Harmony as the core relational principle for women and men leading meaningful profitable enterprises to sustainable success. These will make a difference to people, planet, and prosperity; and inspire people to work with more heart enthusiasm and drive for performance excellence.”  

 - Dr Pauline Crawford PHD