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Elevating your Professional Presence

  • 6 hr
  • Consultancy Fee
  • Remote

Service Description

IMAGINE COMMUNICATING WITH AUTHENTIC CONFIDENCE AND ASSURED GENUINE CONNECTION AND DISSOLVING DIFFICULT CONVERSATIONS: -THESE THREE SESSIONS GIVE YOU THE TOP PROFESSIONAL PRESENCE YOU'VE ALWAYS WANTED WHILE RESOLVING A PAINFUL SITUATION... - AND POTENTIALLY SETTING YOU UP FOR YOUR NEXT PROMOTION AND CLIENT SUCCESS.... IN YOUR FIRST 90 MINS SESSION, we map out the territory of the conflict - the players, the scenario and the pain: YOU WILL... 1) VALUE Learn WHY YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE and WHY tensions rise. a) Understanding the differences between you and the other person/people b) Gain insights into your conflict through Gender Dynamics Archetypes. You finish the First Session with NEW AWARENESS, A MAP and 3 PERSONAL ACTIONS to test out, PLUS exercises for your self-confidence to overcome any confrontational scenarios. Our Second Session is a deep dive into the progress you are making and how you will engaged the next level conversation - The Intentional Dialogue - setting a business plan for growth of the relationship and outcome you desire. 2)IMPACT Develop New Skills and a Strategy for dealing with Challenging Situations: a) Observe new clarity about the best way to proceed, b) Receive a three step conflict resolution easy-to-apply process Our Third and Final Session is a celebration of the lessons and the Reward Story and here we expand your Professional Presence to enhance your career advance: 3) PRESENCE Navigate your way to Success with Confidence and stated Achievement Goals: a) Master a way to transform your 'difficult' person as a possible advocate to raise yours and their presence b) Learn the necessary language, principles, body language tips and voice attributes for a top class on-going career path. BY THE END OF THIS VIP PACKAGE, YOU WILL BENEFIT BY: A) Resolving the specific difficult tensions and be on track to building a good relationship instead B) Gaining the recognition as a High Performer and a Person of Influence C) Increasing your Visibility, Prestige and Value in your team, department and company. Duration is 3 months and can be completed in a shorter time depending on your schedule and desired outcome.

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